Maintaining your pool equipment properly is just as important as using chemicals to keep the water blue. Just one part of this is backwashing your filter. Normally, sand filters and D.E. filters have backwash valves, where the cartridge filter usually doesn’t. A tell-tale way to know that your filter needs to be backwashed is by looking at the filter pressure.

A normal range of pressure to be kept can be anywhere between 8PSI – 15PSI. If you are experiencing pressure any lower than this, call your local pool company. This could be a sign of a leak. On the other hand, if your pressure is up any higher than 15PSI, it is time to backwash! Backwashing helps the filter get rid of the built up oils, dirt and large debris. This helps to clean the surface area of the sand or grids inside of the filter, which then gives you longer lifespan in between filter cleanings.

Backwashing on a regular basis also helps keep the water clear and clean!